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For more than 30 years, we have specialized as a technical retailer in order to be the reliable link between developers, manufacturers and customers worldwide for technical products in need of explanation.

With many years of industrial experience, we know the needs of our customers as well as the development processes of innovative and individual products at our manufacturers.

For us, therefore, retail means both a good sales partnership and a procurement partnership with our customers - this is the only way to create long-standing good business relationships.

Our service portfolio now extends from product research, procurement and the sale of technical products for medium-sized companies to the co- and further development of high-tech innovative special products for well-known Industry.

We are updating our website currently. Further details of our portfolio with our full service and all technical products will be shown shortly on this website.

Ballast-Dummy 2-part 77 L

Body Block unit for checking the Lap Belt Anchorage points.

(Natural colour or black - can be filled with water, sand or other materials):

Can be used for simulating body weight and shape during all types of Testing including vehicle road handling, braking, acceleration, tire traction, seat belt, seat abrasion, plus accident re-enactment. 

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Worldwide sales of Crash-Test-Dummies for various industries and applications:

Die Kopfstützen-Messeinheiten (HRMD)


If you - as a developer or manufacturer of technical products - are looking for an experienced sales partner with worldwide contacts and networks, or if you are looking for technical products specifically for your needs in industry and production, then please contact us!

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