Ballast-Dummy 2-part 77 L Ballast Test Dummy

Body Block unit for checking the Lap Belt Anchorage points.

(Natural colour or black - can be filled with water, sand or other materials):

Can be used for simulating body weight and shape during all types of Testing including vehicle road handling, braking, acceleration, tire traction, seat belt, 
seat abrasion, plus accident re-enactment.

Great properties of the 2-part 77 L Ballast-Dummy:

  • Lightweight and easy to handle. (14 kg empty weight buttock unit 10 kg / torso 4 kg, 34 L torso max. 39 kg, 28 L buttock unit max. 38 kg)
  • reusable
  • 2-part dummy, jointed and therefore adjustable
  • Split leg range at the bottom of the buttock unit
  • moulded seat belt slots provide secure placement of dummy during testing
  • Water filling hole on the top of each parts NO extra drainage hole at the bottom Measuring instruments requirements as needed by the customer are retro-refittable/ currently not included in scope of delivery
  • A 2-part 77 L dummy filled with water has a weight of approximately 75-77 kg

Testing situations in which the 2-part 77 L Ballast-Dummy can be used are

Motor vehicle/ aircraft/ aerospace industry:

  • Safety belts
  • safety latch bar
  • Tire traction acceleration

  • Acceleration
  • Braking
  • Accident simulation

Amusement parks:

  • Roller coaster and other rides
  • Initial ride set-up

  • Loading
  • Restraints

Technical Data:


Working temperature:

Storage temperature: 


Flame resistance: 


External measurements:

Empty weight:


Article number:    

LMDPE - nature

-30C to +70C

5C to 40C


Requirements according to FMVSS 302 have to be fullfilled

ca. 77 Litre (34 L torso/max. 39 kg, 28 L buttock unit/max. 38 kg)

411,8 x 544,7 mm x height variable

14 kg empty weight buttock unit 10 kg / torso 4 kg



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