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We are an expanding German enterprise based near Hamburg and would like to offer you our versatile service for either current running or future projects in your company.

The unquestionably most important and often only resource for the optimal use of instruments and machines is the technical documentation. Our main company focus is dealing with the production of complete technical documentation for the support of products, processes and systems in both small and large systems or plants of any kind. We have the ability and capacity, to solve independently and expertly tasks in the areas of engineering, electronics, or to process software.

ETD prepares its documentation both for single elements of a system, as well as for whole plants; whereby completely different themes can be treated, such as e.g. aviation systems, the various automobile branches of industry, engineering in general, electrical engineering or military specifications.

Some of our various work areas:

  • Promotional documents
  • Teaching and show tables
  • Training documents
  • Slide and overhead foils
  • Exhibition presentations
  • IETM - interactive electronic
    technical handbooks
  • CAD construction
  • Maintenance and servicing instructions
  • Hardware description

Our technical authors, illustrators, graphic arts designers and layouts guarantee supreme quality and reliability of their documentation. ETD's specialists cover all disciplines and also work according to international standard (ATA 100, ATA 101, GAF T. O.).

Maintenance references, instruction manuals, installation manuals, training documents and instructions are prepared in all languages, either on bulk data carriers, printed or online as PDF files.

Our presentation possibilities extend from detail drawings over explosion drawings up to full colour illustrations, all created on an electronic basis for perfect further processing.

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Our Services
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